5 Good Reasons to Train Your Dog

This is from the Blog, Something Wagging This Way Comes, by Pamela Douglas Webster.  the number one reason to train is of course safety – so many dogs will just run into the road or anywhere for that matter if they manage to ‘escape’.  Having them respond to a recall (“come”, or even “wait!” which works well for me) can save their lives.

This article is well worth a read, and just might convince you to research training techniques, and give it a try, or take your dog to a reputable training school such as Scholars in Collars, in Burlington.

The reasons that Pamela outlines for training are:

Safety – Both for your dog and for someone she might approach and knock down (in a burst of friendliness!)

Courtesy – Not going where she shouldn’t (flowerbeds, etc.)

Freedom – A well behaved dog is welcome many more places than one who is not, so she can accompany you more.

Convenience – Having her go to her bed (in our case, one of many!) when someone comes to the door or in the house.

Relationship – Your dog probably likes to spend time with you and win your approval; training is a great way to do this, and build on your communication with each other.  It is fun and stimulating (for both of you!).

Enjoy the article (link at top).