Tell the Pet Food Industry — Stop Selling Chinese Chicken Jerky Treats!

There have been hundreds of consumer complaints since 2007 regarding dog (and cat) deaths as a result of eating Chicken Jerky Treats imported from China.  When I became aware of this through my contacts in the pet world, and then from Googling, I threw out a large package that I had bought at a local big box store.  My dog loved them, but it was not worth the risk; is it worth it to you?

Please Google “Chinese Chicken Jerky Treats for dogs” and investigate a bit on your own.

They are marketed as Natural chicken filets.  Sounds healthy, but these treats are suspected to cause kidney problems from which some dogs recover, and some don’t.  Since a direct link has not been proven, it is not possible to order a recall, but there is pressure for retailers to voluntarily pull the product from their shelves.

Please take 2 minutes to watch this video, and please don’t buy these or similar products  for your dogs (or cats)!  And if you have some, throw them in the garbage.

More information and video on Jerky treats