Why your Dog sniffs YOU so much

You’d think your dog would already know how you smell, but when you come home at the

Dog Nose

The nose knows!

end of the day, your dog wants to know where you’ve been without him!  Dogs get most of their sensory information through their noses, so small wonder all of the sniffing that goes on!

Dogs are impressive in their abilities to suss out the world through their sense of smell. Not only do they have 25 times the number of olfactory receptors we do, by some measures their sense of smell is considered thousands of times more acute than ours. For example, a dog can detect a drop of blood in a gallon of water, and some dogs can determine whether humans have bladder cancer by simply sniffing their urine.  This is one reason it’s a good idea to use an enzyme cleaner or spray (available at any pet store) on any indoor accidents; your dog can smell the tiniest residue of urine, long after we’re convinced it’s gone.

So the next time that your dog treats you like a sausage who just walked through the door, be flattered that he is so interested!