Board Your Dog in Burlington, Ontario

Home boarding

Are you in turmoil about what to do with your dog when you travel?  Most of us like to travel, but dread the thought of leaving our dogs in a kennel.  I know many folks who won’t travel, or travel much less than they would like because they just can’t put their furry friend behind bars!  In that case, you need a good kennel alternative: Home Boarding. Send your dog on their own get-away, so you don’t need to feel guilty.

When I started this business I had no idea that In Home Dog Boarding would be a service that we would offer, much less would be so successful that even with the four boarding homes we have now, we had to decline business in August!

I’ve been lucky enough to find and hire the best people – those who take a dog or dogs into their home and treat them as their own beloved pets.  Do they go on the couch?  No problem!  Like 3 walks a day?  No problem!  Their routine and feeding habits are maintained so that there is as little disruption to their schedule as possible.  Our goal is to fill in for you!

Most of our homes offer one on one care, but we also offer one home well suited for your particularly gregarious, fun-loving dog who would love to romp endlessly in a large backyard with one or two new buddies!

photo credit: TheGiantVermin via photo pin cc