Coyotes in Burlington 2014

We haven’t talked about coyotes for a while and I was starting to think that they weren’t going to be an issue this year.  However, one of our clients (thanks Joanne!) shared that earlier this week (April 8) she saw a coyote walking down the street in front of her house off North Shore Blvd.

These signs are also posted locally, near the Lake, so please be very careful! Coyotes in Burlington

To help keep your pets safe:

  • Keep your dogs leashed, especially when walking at dawn and dusk – you can scare the coyote more effectively than your dog can, and you don’t want your dog to run and the coyote chase it!  (see below for what to do if you see a coyote)
  • Don’t let your cats outdoors, ever.  Cats are easy-picking for a coyote.
  • Feed your pets indoors, and don’t leave any food waste outside as that will attract them and the mice that they feed on.


I also live not far from the Lake, near LaSallePark, and my neighbour told me that on April 3rd he spotted a coyote laying down in the “meadow” behind our homes.  It ran away when it saw him, but that was a little scary as we let our dogs run free in that very large, semi-enclosed area adjacent to a creek.

Some people use this repellant spray, available at Canadian Tire, but I can not recommend it personally as I have no experience with it.  I certainly would not want it be be mis-used, against any living creature other than a dire case of self-defense where there was no other option.

For more info see our blog from 2013