Coyotes in Burlington

I originally published this in my Spring Newsletter, but as I was told recently of coyotes being spotted near Gary Allen High School (Aug 4), I thought it timely to re-publish!


Cute, but a wild animal!

Seeing wildlife close-up is a wonderful thing, but not when it threatens your dog or cat, or even you. We have heard of many very close encounters with coyotes in several Burlington areas, especially where there are ravines, creeks or golf courses. In Roseland, a coyote regularly visited the lawn of one of our clients. One day a passer-by, walking her small dog, knocked on the client’s door seeking temporary refuge until the coyote saw fit to move on!

With spring, and pupping season coming, it is important to be even more vigilant to keep your pets safe.

Here are a few tips.

  • If confronted by a coyote, don’t make eye contact and don’t run; that will make them see you as prey. I’ve started to carry a stick just in case – worst case, hit them on their sensitive noses.
  • Cats and small dogs are easy prey – Keep your cats indoors or at least closely supervised in your yard, and watch over small dogs during nighttime backyard visits
  • Have your yard properly fenced (coyotes can scale up to 6 feet!)
  • In high risk areas, keep your dog on a leash; you don’t want your dog to go after the coyote and end up in a fight
  • If your pet has a water dish outside, empty it every night, and NEVER leave food out.Pick up fallen fruit and birdseed from feeders; coyotes are omnivores
  • Set up motion sensitive lighting or sprinklers in your yard
  • Covered composting bins are preferred to open piles, but if you have a pile, cover it with a tarp
  • Cover tightly and secure garbage cans so they can’t be knocked over

For more information and a useful brochure:

Hamilton Animal Control – Living with Coyotes