Dog Parks in Burlington

As a loving dog owner you will often be looking for great places to take your dog!  I’ve compiled a list, along with a bit of information, on City of Burlington Leash Free Parks and other Parks suitable for your dog, sometimes off-leash.

Two Golden Retrievers at the dog park!

Two Golden Retrievers at the dog park!

NOTE:  The information below was gathered from online sources, comments aren’t those of Lifestyle Pet Care, and we can’t be sure of the accuracy of the information provided.

REMEMBER:  Always take your own poop bags and clean up after your dog.  Don’t forget water for your dog, especially in warm weather!

 City of Burlington  Leash –Free Parks

  •  Bayview Park- On King Road about ½ K North of North Service Road
  •  Norton Community Park Tim Dobbie Drive & Dundas, between Walker’s Line and Millcroft Park Drive
  • Roly Bird Park –2217 Industrial Street  – North of North Service Road, just east of Costco (Brant St.)
    Basically a field, but comments are… Excellent park, all fenced, with a double gate system. The park is kept very clean and has two garbage bins for poop, it also has a pair of picnic tables for people to sit on and water bowls for dogs.”

 Other Parks

This information is from an online site which is no longer active.  First person comments aren’t mine, but are those of the original author!

Cental High School Sports Field  – on Victoria Street off of Brant (across from the Acura dealership). Drive down Victoria and you’ll notice the sports field just past the school.  A common meeting ground for neighbourhood dogs and their owners. You can park your car at the school. The sports field is mostly fenced in except for the entrance. Since it is a school sports field it is usually very clean; garbage bin is near the entrance. There are benches and a track.  Busiest times are weekend mornings.

Central Park – Best entrance for dog walking is off of Guelph Line, just north of New Street, on the west side.

Central Park is a large city park surrounded by the library and other facilities. It is not fenced in, but well maintained, has a baseball diamond, few soccer fields, a playground, even a maze.  There is a small but nice wooded area with a short trail, at the north east edge.  There are many regulars with their dogs.

Don’t let your dog off the leash unless you can reliably call him back.  The City inspector visits and will impose fines if your dog does not have tags or is off leash.

Cherry Hill – Cherry Hill is not a designated dog park but it’s a wonderful place to take a walk with your dog(s). It’s located past the RBC entrance, off of Plains Rd.

You may need to pay for parking.  The only garbage bin is at the entrance. There is a fairly steep winding road down to the creek – during winter wear proper shoes for traction coming back up the hill.  When you reach the creek you can go straight onto the boardwalk or turn right for a trail which loops back to the boardwalk (it takes approx 20-30 minutes to walk around).

The boardwalk is my favourite area here: you can observe ducks, frogs, swans and all kinds of other animals in and around the swampy lake and in the wintertime it is the perfect place to feed birds – they love sunflower seeds. They are used to dogs but make sure that your dog doesn’t chase them or any of the wildlife and there are signs asking you to keep your dogs on a leash partly for that reason. You can easily spend a few hours here walking around on various trails – each is unique and beautiful.  

Greenwood Park – Small park at 703-705 Francis Road – No information available

 Hidden Valley Park – On Howard Ave off Plains Road north side – first street west of Waterdown Road.

Unofficial off- leash park in fall, winter, and early spring, however it tends to be too busy in the summer to have your dog off leash.  There is a short trail (1km?) that takes you from the parking lot over a bridge, along the stream, through the bushes, over a little hill and then back down to the parking lot. Halfway along this trail you will see a road, on the other side of which is access to RBG trails (which are all on-leash).

I like this park because it’s a pleasant walk for the humans, and the dogs can happily jump in and out of the water as they run along the trail and through the bush.

Kerncliffe Park – Off of Kerns Road, well north of North Service Rd., just past the rumble strips, the park sign is on your right just before the steep hill.

This is not a designated dog park but you can safely let your dog off leash because the trails are in the middle of a forest. there are a few mid-length trails, some flat and some hilly and wooded.   The front end of the park has a few benches, a rain shelter, garbage bins and washrooms. To the left there is a swampy area with a boardwalk on top – you can see toads, fish and all sorts of birds here but don’t let you dog in the water because it’s deep and not very clean; it’s a swamp.  To the right the trails begin.

Wag Park – Just off Waterdown Road, north of Flatt Road (about 1 km north of Hwy 403) No information available.

 Mount Nemo – Halton Conservation Area – north of the Q.E.W. on Guelph Line, between Highway 5 and Britannia Road  905.854.0262    GPS Coordinates: 43.417 -79.882

Leashed pets are allowed.  Here is a link to the trails.

photo credit: Crouchy69 via photopin cc