Dog Travel Safely in a Car

When we first got Nikki, our Cairn Terrier/Schnauzer cross,  I bought a good VestHarness

Dog seat belt

Nikki Safely buckled in!

which allows the car seat belt to go through a back slot, securing her in the event of a crash, or even some bad driving!  It is pretty comfy I think, and while it restricts her movement somewhat, she can lay down.  It is also suitable to use as a harness when walking, and several of our clients use this style too.

However, Nikki is too short to see out the car windows, which really increased the boredom factor for her!

So, I searched for another option, and online I

Dog Safety Car Seat

Now I can see out!

found what I think is a pretty good one.  The Jumbo On-Seat Booster, by Solvit is quite robust, and is itself secured by the car seat belt.  It raises her viewpoint by 9 inches which is plenty for her, and most small dogs, to see out.  There is a tether clip which secures to her harness, so again, she is secured in the event of an accident and it would prevent her from jumping out the window if she was so inclined!

The On-Seat Booster is now seat-belted into my Santa Fe, and is the one that we use all the time.  If we’re travelling in my husband’s car we use the VestHarness.  Both are good products and I would recommend them!  I had to order the On-Seat Booster online from the U.S., but it arrived no problem.  The VestHarness is available locally.