Do You Want Your Dog to Take Part in Your Wedding Ceremony!?

Back in October, we were thrilled to be part of the wedding of an amazing couple who Dog included in Weddingwere being married at LaSalle Park.  Not only did they want somewhere loving for their dog (and ultimately also the bride’s parents dog too!) to stay the night before, but they wanted Piper to walk down the aisle!  Well this was so much fun that, not only did our boarder and her husband take Piper to LaSalle Park, but I went there to “help”, and SNAP magazine came to feature the story.

We were honestly thrilled to be part of this amazing wedding, and now consider that we have another niche market in boarding!  And, if you’d like to have your dog take part in your wedding, give us a call!

p.s. Can you guess the families’ heritage and where a lot of guests came all the way from?  🙂