Easy to make Dog Toy!

From our friends at Modern Dog magazine!  – This colourful, homemade dog toy is perfect for tug-of-war games or fetch. It’s so simple to make that kids can put it together. It makes a great project for fetes and fundraisers, too. You can use recycled stretch knit from old t-shirts or pants or, if you like, you can use new fabric.

Easy to Make Tug ToyTime: less than 30 minutes   Cost:  Free!

Materials needed:    Twenty  1” x 25” (2.5cm x 65cm) strips of stretch knit material recycled from pants or tops, in assorted colours

How-to:   For large dogs, cut the fabric into 10 – 20 pieces that measure approximately 1” x 25” (2.5cm x 65cm). For smaller dogs, reduce the length and quantity of the strips but not the 1” width. Lay your pieces together in two sections of 5 – 10, depending on how many total strips you’ve cut. Twist the two sections together and tie a large knot at each end as shown in the picture. Your knot should be tight and secure; there is no need for gluing or sewing. Alternatively, you can plat your strands together or add extra knots depending on your dog’s preferences. And that’s it! Playtime!