Help Find Dog Missing in Burlington – Katie

Katie is a small black Shih-Tzu with a red collar, and she has been missing since June.  She is very timid and frightened and will run if you try to catch her.  Just please call one of the following numbers as soon as possible.  She is a treasured family member and there is a REWARD.

647-278-7250   OR   905-220-2116

Please check under bushes, behind sheds, under decks, behind trees, behind dumpsters, – everywhere you go.

Katie originally went missing at North Service Road and Walkers Line.  She was then

Dog Missing in Burlington

Don’t chase Katie – very nervous

spotted at Walkers Line and Fairview.  Then a few days later at Nelson Park.  Then, many sightings of her all the way up at Dundas and Cornerstone and in Alton Village.

There was an unconfirmed sighting in Orchard Park.  Unconfirmed as the person wasn’t absolutely certain it was Katie.  All other sightings have been absolutely positive it was Katie.

 Katie has been favouring the waterways – the canals and drainage ditches, and has been seen under bridges in three different locations, so bridges may be giving her some security and shelter.

 Katie is very frightened and won’t respond to being chased or startled.  If she would stay in the same place for a little longer the owners would be able to set up a feeding station and monitor it and try to lure her back to them or catch her somehow.

Please keep your eyes open, and maybe a little prayer for Katie wouldn’t hurt either.