How to help your Dog deal with Thunder!

Thundershirt detailsWow!  Last Friday night’s storm was terrible; so much damage, and my dog Nikki was absolutely terrified, as I’m sure were many dogs. She is also very afraid of fireworks and I had recently purchased a Thundershirt and was waiting for a chance to try it out.  The nice thing about buying a Thundershirt is that they are 100% guaranteed and you can bring it back if you feel there is no benefit.

ThundershirtAlong with one of our cats, Toby, Nikki escaped down to our basement storage area, as far away from the storm as she could get.  She was trembling with fear, and I’m never sure how much of that is caused by her dubious past as a Mom in a puppy mill in Missouri, as heaven knows what she experienced there!  Whatever the case, she is very afraid. I put a couple of beds in the storage room (where she and Toby could feel safely confined), and also brought in a radio to muffle the noise. It was certainly the worst lighting/thunder storm that I’ve ever seen!  We also put  the Thundershirt on Nikki, fairly snugly as directed, and she seemed quite comfy in it.  I felt that it helped somewhat. I took it off when the storm had subsided but later in the night when the storm became loud again I put it back on her and that (along with her getting into bed with us!) helped her to stop shaking, and we all got some sleep!

Overall, I think it is worth a try;  the manufacturer stands behind their product and you really can’t go wrong.  I bought mine at PetValu but they are likely available everywhere.