How to Make Your Cat Happy!

In our business as cat sitters, we find that owners sometimes don’t have a great understanding of their pets (be they dogs or cats!)  I can’t tell you how often owners tell us that their cat isn’t that friendly and/or doesn’t like to play.  We do take careful notes of what the owners expectations of our visits are, but almost always modify it when we are faced with a kitty who will play, given half a chance, and is often happy for affection.

Unfortunately we think that a lot of people don’t really make the effort and they justify that they don’t spend time by believing that the cat doesn’t want to play anyway.  Sad to say that we are the best thing that has happened to quite a few kitties!

So, if you don’t want to be in that group, please commit to spending at least two 10-minute sessions a day focused on your ca,t and find out what they really like.  There is such a variety of toys and other things out there for cats!  They don’t have to cost a lot of money, in fact any (and every) empty box has to serve time as a cat hide-out for a few days in our house.  Bear will squeeze himself into any size container!

Cat in small box

There’s no such thing as a too-small box!


My cats are also particularly fond of the crocheted balls made by Burlington Humane and sold at the counter in vets and many pet stores.  They wait up near the top of the stairs and when I toss the ball up to them, they play with it for a while and then will actually push it back down to me to throw up again!

Toby loves to help make the bed – “help” perhaps being a slight exaggeration!  Such a simple thing….takes me a few minutes longer, but he has such fun; it is well worth it.

cat fun in bed

I’m a BIG help!

The upside to this is the fun and laughter that YOU will experience when you play with your cat; very good for stress reduction!