Is the Cat Crib a Worthwhile Purchase?

Back in our Winter 2013 Newsletter, we talked about buying a Cat Crib, “A space-saving

Our cat Toby loves his Cat Crib!

cat hammock your feline will love!”  Having seen so many cute pictures of kitties curled up in this very ingenious bed was enough to put it into the “must buy” category, and we did order one!

The website claims:

You can have a clutter free home and a satisfied cat!

You treasure your kitty, but the pet furniture you buy makes your living room unsightly and disorderly. Your options are limited and cleaning around your cat’s furnishings is difficult. Buy your Cat Crib (patented) cat hammock today and eliminate that clutter while keeping your furry family member happy!

  • A cat hammock that fits under virtually any chair.
  • Somewhere your cat can hideout and sleep.
  • Your friends will admire your clean home and your cat will love you.
  • Strap design doesn’t slip

While I’m not sure if my friends admire my clean home, I do know that the Cat Crib was and continues to be a big hit!  It’s a little expensive at $29 plus $9 delivery to Canada (but you can get $7 off that by Liking their Facebook page (click on the Free Shipping icon to get the code).

I bet your kitties will love it too!  They are comfy and cozy, and almost hidden!