Jogging with your Dog + Help for Older Dogs!

Dog stroller with westies

We love to jog with Mom or Dad!

The other morning, Nikki and I were finishing the last leg of our early morning walk along North Shore Blvd. West, and heard barking coming up fast behind us!  What is this, we thought??

Much to my delight I turned to see one of our neighbours jogging, with their Dachshund in a “Dogger”!  I’d seen dog strollers before but this one is purpose-built so that Fido can accompany you when you run or jog, and it turns out the product, and more like, it is geared for older dogs (but could certainly be enjoyed by any dog who’s not inclined to run far or fast)

Wanting to share this with our readers, I looked up the website for, Dogger Dog Stroller, and found that their site is actually: Dog Quality, “Helping Older Dogs Enjoy Life”.  How cool is that?  The Dogger is apparently a hot item as the website states:  “We have sold out of Doggers, but our next production is arriving November 8th and we will be shipping each Dogger stroller on a first come, first serve basis as soon as they arrive“.

Check out their website if your pooch has mobility issues, or you would just like to be able to take them further when you walk or run.