Never Lose your Cat!

This was the Pet Tip of the day in an email I receive regularly (Pet and I think it is a great idea, especially considering the number of cats who try to make a run for it every time the door is opened!

Every cat should have an ID tag.

Regardless of whether your cat is indoors only, indoors and outdoors or outdoors only when supervised, he or she should have an identification tag. Cats that are even indoors only can get out. This can occur if someone leaves the door open or in the case of a tragedy such as a house fire or burglary. If your cat gets out or lost, an ID tag will be the best method to be reunited with your cat.

When getting a tag, make sure the letters are permanent and ensure that the information on the tag is current. Consider using your cell phone if it is your primary phone number.

And, if your pet does get out, remember to go door-to-door asking permission to search your neighbour’s property – most cats don’t go too far (apparently!).  Also contact the Burlington Humane Society at (905) 637-7325, and Burlington Animal Services (905) 335-3030 just in case some well-intentioned person picked up your cat.

Prevention is worth an ounce of cure though, so be ever-vigilant with your kitties, and as my cat sitters do, go in “fast and low!”