How Often Should You Vaccinate your Dog against Rabies?

When chatting with a new client the other evening, I was shocked to find that her vet required annual rabies vaccination, and her dog’s rabies certificate also indicated that.  This surprised me as I understood that rabies vaccine is good for three years, depending on the vaccine manufacturer who is the one “guaranteeing” the vaccine.  This is not applicable to puppies who require a booster shot to bring the antibodies levels up appropriately.

Two Golden Retrievers at the dog park!

I went to the Article Archive at the Bay Cities Animal Hospital site and found an article entitled Exams, Vaccinations, Etc., which supports my understanding.

So if your vet is requiring annual rabies vaccines, I would question them on it, and ask what the manufacturer of the vaccine says.  My dog Nikki was vaccinated in 2011 and the vaccine is good for 3 years, so she is due in 2014 and her certificate says that.  Manufacturer – Merial,  Vaccine Name Imrab 3 TF  Check the Merial website which confirms this.  Local laws do not require more frequent vaccination.

Over-vaccination is never good.