Protect Your Heart with a Little Puppy Love!

A short piece with this subject line appeared in the October Chatelaine, again re-enforcing that it is very healthy to have a pet!  To quote:

“The American Heart Association, in its journal Circulation has posted that it has found data to support a link between owning a pet and lower cholesterol and triglycerides (bad fatty acids): proof that you are more likely to survive heart attacks and achieve lower blood pressure by spending time with Fido.

(Note from Linda:  as a cat owner, I know the same is true for kitties!)

cute dog to cuddle

Sam is always ready for a cuddle!

It gets better: Simply cuddling with your furry friend lowers stress and has the same relaxing effect as quietly reading.

BOTTOM LINE:  When you show your pet some love, you do the same for your heart.