Reasons Why Senior Dogs Make Great Pets!

Senior Dog

There are always many senior dogs available for adoption and yet they are often overlooked for the wrong reasons.  The perception is that they are too much work and are “failures” for some reason.  Nothing could be further from the truth, and here are some reasons why you should consider an older dog when you are looking to add to your furry family!  (The gist of this content is from Modern Dog Magazine.)

  • You don’t need to suffer through housetraining.  That is a biggie, as you’ll know if you’ve raised any puppies!  Most seniors have been members of someone’s family and are housetrained and know basic commands (and manners!)
  • Fewer exercise demands.  Many senior dogs have slowed down a bit and are more content to hang out with you, curled up at your feet.
  • They are good dogs!  Dogs are surrendered for many reasons through no fault of their own – lifestyle changes, guardian has passed away, allergies, financial troubles, etc.  Shelters are full of active, healthy, and well-behaved older dogs with a heart of gold.
  • It feels great!  A senior dog knows what it is like to have a family and is grateful to have one again.  You will know what it is like to give a dog who has fallen on hard times a second chance, and they will provide you with the BEST company.

Contact your local rescue or Humane Society today!  If you don’t know one, visit (the North American clearing house for rescues and adoptions) to find local resources.  There are more than you think!!