Reduce Pulling by your Dog!

Would you like to reduce pulling by your dog?  Are you tired of being pulled down the street by your enthusiastic canine, and would love a “good walker”?  In our business we are exposed to a LOT of dogs, and hence a lot of dogs who pull, so we have some thoughts on this!

Ideally, dogs can be trained not to pull, but the reality of our clients’ busy lives means that often owners don’t have the time to put into the training and consistency (between family members)  required to effect a change.  As a result, people rely on the quick-fix, which is the tools used for walking the dog!  Owners use many kinds of collars and harnesses, with varying degrees of success.

Harness which reduces pulling

Halti Harness shown in 2 sizes

One option which seems to have a lot of success is the Halti Harness (not to be confused with the standard Halti, which goes over the dog’s muzzle; this is a harness).  The leash (recommend a fixed leash for dogs who pull!) at the front, and effectively uses the chest of the dog to steer him, rather than his nose.  It also clips up to the collar.  When the dog pulls to go ahead, his chest is directed sideways and then actually back towards you, effectively turning him and then stopping him.   Only by walking at your pace, can he proceed.  Of course there are always some dogs who will really fight whatever you try, and there are no guarantees.

However, we’ve tried it on a number of dogs and are VERY impressed with the result. Our wonderful clients are always interested in ways to make their dogs’ (and their) lives better, and we really recommend trying this out!

There are some other brands out there, but the distinguishing feature is that it is a body harness, with a front clip.  Most major pet stores have them in stock – suggest you take your dog into the store and try it on for best fit!