Risks of Leaving your Dog Alone Too Long

I found a good list of “Risky Mistakes Pet Owners Make” on the WebMD site.  One of the risks is Leaving a Dog Alone Too Long:

Leaving a Dog Alone Too Long

Dog Digging

Is your dog bored?

Spending 8-10 hours alone in a crate, tiny laundry closet, or even outdoors is too much for most dogs. It can lead to separation anxiety and destructive behaviors including chewing, soiling, digging, and nonstop barking or howling — even depression in a timid dog. Better choices are doggie day care, a mid-day visit from a pet sitter, or a canine companion. Adult dogs can go 4-5 hours in a crate but need exercise before and after.

And that, of course, is where we can come in, providing a mid-day break, and much needed socialization!  Your dog will be healthier and much happier, and you will see the difference!  Call us today to have a chat – 905-978-3428.


photo credit: lonelysandwich via photopin cc