Should you get another Cat?

I have a small plaque which says “Cats are like potato chips….you can’t have just one!”  So true!  I had one cat for years and then my husband decided HE wanted his own cat, and we’ve never been without at least two (along with our dog) ever since!  I didn’t realize what we were missing, and what my cat was missing by being alone.  Life is so much more fun and interesting for a pet who has a friend, which just adds to the antics that we get to watch!

Today I found this great article and highly recommend reading it if you are considering another cat.  Once you figure out if your cat would LIKE another cat, and decide if you can afford another cat, then it’s “just” a matter of finding one who is compatible with your current cat.  This can be really challenging and frustrating, or you could get very lucky like my friend Marilyn and have the resident cat (in the middle above) accept his new “brothers” quite gracefully!  There is a lot of information on the subject of the best way to introduce a new cat, but that’s the subject of another blog!