Walk your Dog in Burlington – The Best Place to walk on-leash!

Early this morning, as we do every week or so, Nikki and I piled into the car for a short ride down to Spencer Smith Park.  We opt for the (cheap) paid parking there, but if you turn at the Hospital, there are a number of free lots a bit further along. This is an absolutely idyllic way to spend an hour, before it gets too busy with the picnic and sunbathing crowd.  Yes, people use this area like a real beach!

Burlington Waterfront

View from the Walking Path

But for me, it is a wonderful place to walk Nik, and to feel that I’m on a mini-vacation myself.  There are an abundance of smells for her, and plenty of dogs to meet.  The signs say no dogs on the beach, but I’ve seen a few well behaved dogs with responsible clean-up-after-their-pet owners on the beach.  We don’t go there, mostly since Nik isn’t crazy about the water, being from Missouri!  But you don’t need to visit the beach to have a good time; the path is great.

From Spencer Smith Park, head towards the Hospital and follow the path along to the left. You can go a few kilometres on a flat easy path, and can stray off onto grassed areas here and there.  There are always ducks in the water and sometimes swans, as there were today – if you look carefully at the picture above, you’ll see three of them!

Maybe I will see you there next time…  Be sure to look for us!

Dog walking on Waterfront

Nikki at the Waterfront