Walk your Dog in LaSalle Park

Now that I live in Aldershot, LaSalle Park is one of Nikki and my favourite walks!  There are numerous routes to take, but in my opinion the best in this hot weather is the waterfront trail which includes a shaded wooden boardwalk.  The beautiful canopy of trees and the adjacent lake make for a cooler micro-climate for you and your furry companions!

dog walking LaSalle Boardwalk

Happy walking LaSalle Boardwalk!

Take LaSalle Park Road south past North Shore Blvd.  Go down the hill and continue on to the Marina Parking lot.  Ah! Now you’re out of the hustle and bustle of life in the city!  The sounds and smells of the lake surround you.  Past the Marina trailer you will find the entrance to the waterfront trail – where you will pass the bobbing sail and power boats.  Continue on past the many, many chipmunks who act as greeters, then the ducks, geese and swans, and onto the wooden boardwalk.  Go straight when you leave the boardwalk and follow the slightly meandering route by the lake.  Time to relax!  There are a number of benches with scenic outlooks to stop and ponder life.  Relax, but don’t think about letting your dog off leash if 1) he will chase water fowl, 2) he will chase chipmunks or squirrels, or 3) you want to obey the by-laws.  There are also signs up about coyotes although I have not seen one yet.   Continue to the end of the path, which doubles back on itself with stairs climbing to a high road back from whence you came!  At the first opportunity (5 minutes or so), turn left and follow a gravel path back down to the lake and the boardwalk, and back again to the car park.  What a lovely way to spend 15-20 minutes, if you walk slowly!  Your dog will love it – so many smells and so little time!

Great dog walk in Burlington

So many smells, so little time!

The other route from the Marina Parking is out to the”Point” and back, just past the sailing club.  You will cross a small bridge, and see fishermen and a variety of ducks on the water.  A short, but refreshing walk.

The final route is from the upper parking lot, off North Shore Blvd., just east of LaSalle Park Road.  Park near North Shore, and look for the trail near the bocce ball courts.  It is a nice crushed stone path which follows North Shore, although it is shielded from the road by trees.   Another there-and-back-again route, not circular.

Walk your dog in LaSalle Park and enjoy the tranquility of nature at its best!