What you should be Feeding your Dog

What is the best dog food?

Sleepy little guy!

On the Dog Food Advisor site, you can look up detailed nutritional information on your brand of Dog Food (although this is US based there are some Canadian-available brands)  which will help you determine if you’re currently making the right choice.

There is a ton of information on this site, including detailed nutritional analysis of many brands, both dry and wet.  Look for the best food in your preferred category (wet, dry, raw), watch the videos, and you may seriously consider changing not only the brand, but the category of food that you give your dog!

In spite of already having some of this information, I’ve finally decided to change Nikki’s diet, and have ordered what seems to be a good cookbook on homemade food – haven’t decided if it will be cooked or raw yet!

I found this great site, through a link on the “Speaking of Dogs Rescue” Newsletter (Speaking of Dogs is where I was lucky enough to get Nikki last year!

photo credit: Brian E. Ford via photo pin cc