Why Your Dog Will Benefit from Dog Walking, in Burlington, Ontario

Lonely dog

Does your dog spend many hours alone, waiting for your return?

If your dog is no longer a puppy, and not yet a senior, you might think that he or she is okay to be left alone the 8-12 hours most folks are away at work.  While your dog can wait this long without an accident, it is a very long time for your best friend to await your return.  Dogs thrive on exercise, socialization and stimulus.  And if you need to work late, or have a social obligation (or desire!), the wait is even longer.  You probably feel guilty, and when you do get home, with only a few hours before bed, you really should take your dog for a walk which only adds to your hurried stress.

Hiring a reliable and trustworthy dog walker solves these problems, and greatly increases your dog’s quality of life!  You will see the difference a mid-day walk will make to your dogs’ health and disposition!   Call us today for a consultation.  We love all dogs and would be thrilled to add yours to our “family”!  See our Client Gallery for some of our current pets!



photo credit: welmoe via photopin cc