Wildlife a Very Real Danger to “Outside” Cats

You only have to see the increasing number of Cat Missing posters on telephone poles to know that something is amiss.  And, just pick up the local paper to read of the bold coyotes who are so very close to our homes. Foxes also…I’ve seen many, many foxes, quite unafraid and close to us in any area where there is a ravine or some brush or woods, i.e., many parts of Burlington!

And yet, I still see so many cats roaming freely.  There are those who believe that a cat should run free and it’s shortened life (indoor cats live 3x as long) would at least be a happy one.  Maybe that was an acceptable idea years ago, but things aren’t what they were.  There are large predators out there who will make a meal of your small pet, and that is no way for any creature to die.

I knew all this, but was still unprepared to come across the grisly remains of a cat in our “meadow”, a partially manicured tract of land leading to a ravine, in Aldershot.  The poor thing, a pet of one of our neighbours, was clearly attacked by at least one coyote, perhaps two.

That is an image that won’t leave my mind soon, and even more now, I implore you not to let your cat outoors.  It does not have a chance.